Dive Site Information

Dive Type
Type of Diving: Boat, Shore, Muck
Recommended for : All Divers

Thorny Seahorse, Mimic Octopus, Painted Frog Fish, Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish, Robust Ghost Pipe Fish

Depth, Visibility & Current
Average Depth: 18.0
Maximum Depth: 24.0
Average Horizontal Visibility: 3.0
Minimum water temperature: 27.0
Maximum water temperature: 29.0
Bottom contour: Flat
Bottom composition: Sand, Rubble
Current: Long Shore
Coral reef: Bad
Type of Coral reef: Patchy ,
Marine Life

Snapper, Sweetlips, Cardinal, Grouper, Damselfish, Batfish, Wrasse, Parrot, Surgeon, Trigger, Box, Puffer, Porcupine, Flounders, Gobies, Eels, Leaf fish, Scorpion, Flathead, Blennies, Dragonet, Octopus, Shrimp, Crab, Nudibranch, Flatworm, Shell, Snake, Ray