The Scuba certification levels - Rescue

The Rescue Diver certification course is provided by several diver training agencies that emphasizes on the responsibility of a diver in need, emergency response, and diver rescue. Following the Advanced Open Water Diver course, rescue diver certification is mostly treated as a specialty course than a mainstream certification. However, it is still opted by many dive training agencies in the certification structure.

This course is believed to be the most challenging as it teaches you to develop problem solving skills until they become second nature. You learn to prevent and manage problems in the water for yourself as well as others in need, which will help you become a more confident diver.

Through knowledge development and rescue scenarios, the learning-focused course prepares divers to handle dive emergencies both minor and major. Divers will put to a test their knowledge skills through various exercises, including self rescue, emergency management and equipment, identifying and rescuing panicked divers, and more.

Adventure divers who are at least 12 years old and have completed Underwater Navigation Dive may enroll in a Rescue course. Divers will need to prove they have had CPR and First Aid training within the past 24 months.